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An Overview of Walk-In Coolers

For all your commercial kitchen storage needs, walk-in coolers should be your best solution. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t understand the fuss about these appliances. One of the things that you should know about walk-in coolers is that they don’t function the same way as your regular refrigerators. However, these machines just work in a very different manner. One of the noteworthy differences in your typical refrigerator is that the cold air that comes from the freezer is the one that helps keep your food cold. On the other hand, walk-in coolers only require a series of contenders and fans for them to produce low temperatures. To keep the temperatures of these coolers consistent, these fans will just automatically turn on and off. If you look at the technology that these cooling systems use, you are better off comparing them to that used in air conditioning units than the ones from your typical refrigerator.

These walk-in coolers also require the use of well-functioning thermostats. These parts of the coolers are the ones that keep control of the cooler temperature levels. Condensers are another kind of component that is vital to the overall function of the cooling system that you have. When the temperature level that you’ve set with your thermostat will go up with your walk-in cooler, the condenser will make sure to keep them in the same level as it should. In essence, your walk-in cooler will function the way they should with the help of these two vital parts.

If you talk about the condenser of your walk-in cooler, it has an extra cycle that is very much critical. This cycle is what keeps your condenser in optimal temperature levels and ensures that it will not reach very low temperatures. When your cooling system goes through very low temperatures, though, the fans will be spun automatically without requiring the use of the coolant from the system. This mechanism will provide heat to the condenser coils slowly so that the temperatures will rise. You can expect your walk-in cooler to stop with this crucial defrost cycle when the temperature of your walk-in cooler will be within normal levels. You can truly say what an amazing system these walk-in coolers have.

The effectiveness of these walk-in coolers is also possible with their properly of insulation. Within the walls of typical coolers, you will find between two and four inches of insulation. You will also find rubber-sealing gaskets that ensure to keep your cooler well-isolated and airtight. To ensure that the outdoor temperatures will not affect that present inside the cooler, Styrofoam insulation is utilized. This gives you the assurance that your walk-in coolers will function in the best possible way.

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